Technical support
      The company has a strong R & D team developed a 600 kilowatts Marine Thruster motor, YB2-H \ YBT-H series marine explosion-proof motors, and other vessels with a motor; with research institutes and tertiary institutions school, to develop a variety of leading technology, advanced performance motor ship for national defense has made its due contribution to enterprise; company owns five national patents, as well as eight national patent application has been accepted, in addition, the company hosted and participated in formulating the national standard specification motor technology conditions, military and industry standards of 11, and the company has a number of results obtained provincial science and technology progress award.
      Companies in foreign countries and China along the Yangtze River, coastal and other places with twenty multiple warehouse offices, with fast, efficient marketing and service network, formed a foothold in the country, the radiation more than 30 countries and regions in the world of global integration market structure.

Technology Development Center

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