Company profile Qualification
As the specialized producing marine motor manufacturers, Wuxi Lanhai Motor Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the design, development, production, sales and service of the marine motor since the establishment at March, 2005. After nearly eight years of successful development, it has got notable achievements, completed the objectives of the business and laid a solid foundation. It has been the marine motor manufacturer which is most technologically advanced, most variety specifications in which ship lifting motor shares above 60% in market.
Now the company has more than 100 employees, including 16 technicians and 3 employees with senior title. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters which has the annual production capacity of 150,000 kilowatts. The company has a perfect measuring and testing instruments, also have many specialized production lines and various advanced equipment for the installation, processing, assembling and testing. It is the company which integrates design, production, development, installation and service.
The company has a strong R & D team, including 16 professional technicians, 13 of which have over 15 years experience. Gong Xinbao has been patented of a utility model patent in 1996—“Special leave aluminum rotor axis with fan motor”. The members are all from large state-owned electrical motor companies who have extensive work experience. Some of them graduate from the marine motor professionals in Hunan Xiangtan Electrical Engineering College. They independently developed 600KW lateral propulsion marine motor, small axial fan. As the unit which is first to develop YB2 -H series motor units and develop a new type of braking systems for the lifting marine motor, they cooperate with the scientific research institutes and universities, and develop a variety of marine motor advanced in the technology and performance.
The company has a good production capacity. There are 2 motor production lines, advanced testing equipment, completed testing instruments for the motor, 0-3000V voltage tester, VG2605 turn to turn impact tester, CNC machining center, 6180 lathe, 6140 lathe and other process equipments. Vacuum dipping equipment and pressure equipment are currently the good equipment in the country.
Each process has completed production technology. For the adverse circumstances marine vessels navigating in, they make some techniques to protect the motor, such as prevent rust and prevent the water key on the motor, etc. according to tracking and accession to the user. The company checks the technology discipline performance from time to time and requires staff in every procession to develop a good habit. There are also strict requirements for strictly abiding by the production process, the using and requisition of the drawing.
The production of the company is strictly according to the ISO9001 quality certification requirements. We both track the entire production process, and have controlled documents, corporate training to improve personnel quality consciousness. Company production processes are as follows: raw materials → structural parts processing (processing / chassis welding) → production of the stator components (stator laminated / Coil Winding / Vacuum Impregnation) → Parts → assembly → Product assembly factory inspection → painting → Packaging storage. For above processes, it is divided into general process control and special process control (vacuum dipping); for the general process control, the company requires: induction training for the process operators, strict process quality controlling to the main factor, routine maintenance of the equipment; for the special process control, the company requires: a special process developed by the Technology Department control, operation specifications, production process parameters on the process monitoring, and make records; Second, operators qualified by professional training posts.
The company owns the most advanced electrical test system with stable performance which can test accurate data. It can measure the motor voltage test, impact test, the requirements of the factory test; Our Company cooperate with Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute Group Co., Ltd. for a long term and there we carried out in the dozens of types of motor tests, protection class tests.
The company has a perfect quality assurance system. And it has the quality department which is directly led by the deputy general manager. All the inspectors are professionally trained for employment. The company requires inspectors to inspect, measure and accurately complete the inspection records in strict accordance with the drawings process documents, standards and product quality inspection documents to ensure the correct conclusion. They are responsible for the rework, repair or scrap caused by errors and omissions, responsible for substandard goods identification, record identification, isolation, and in charge of the assessment, disposal for the substandard products within the scope to ensure the semi-finished products not flow to the following process; unqualified products not come out from the company. They also make a good job of inspect, measure, identify for the products and urge the workshop and warehouse to protect the identity of inspection and test status.
The company has passed China Classification Society Quality Certification in 2005 and ISO9001 quality system certification. It has received the factory approval of American Bureau of Shipping ABS and Bureau Veritas BV, while the product approval of Norwegian Ship Classification Society DNV, KR Korean Register of Shipping, Italian Classification Society RINA, and Germanischer Lloyd GL.
The company has service centers in Singapore which are based on sales, maintenance and service abroad. Our company which is located in Wuxi—the economically developed Yangtze River Delta Area, has the fast, efficient marketing and service network. The marketing department analyzes the quality of all aspects of information every six months to find the key quality issues. They fill in feedback processing orders, dealing with a single feedback to the Quality Department to conduct quality improvement activities. Each year, they will send the Consult Book of Customer Satisfaction to the 80% major customers to survey the satisfaction to our products and services, in which there is also changing a wide range of work such as: brochures, nameplate will be all bilingual in 2006 according to the requirements of customers.
With innovative ideas, advanced technology, excellent quality, perfect network, excellent service, a customer-centric objective, honest and dedicated spirit for the enterprise, the company innovates to meet the demand of the customer and market at maxim, and to pursuit sustainable development of enterprise.