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YBT - H series Marine axial flow fan USES three-phase asynchronous motor
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名 称 Name YBT-H系列船用隔爆型通风机用三相异步电动机
功 率 Power 0.55-100kW
电 压 Voltage 380-440V(220-690V)
频 率 Frequency 50-60Hz
机 座 号 Frame Size 63-200
绝缘等级 Insulation F-H
防护等级 Protection Calss IP44-IP56
产品介绍 Product Profile 用途:用于船舶上具有IIA、IIB、IIC,温度组别为T1-T4组的可燃性气体、蒸汽与空气形成的爆炸性混合物的场所。在船舶上作驱动各种机械,如泵类、通风机、分离器、液压机械及其它辅助设备之用。
Application:They can be used on ships with protection mark Exd IIA and Exd IIC and fulfill flammable gas and explsive mixture,The motors are suitable for driving various machines on ships,such as pumps、blowers、separators、hydraulic engine and other auxiliary equipments 。