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Three phase induction Motors Series JZ2-H Hoisting
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名 称 Name Three-phase induction Motors Series JZ2-H Hoisting
功 率 Power 1.5-100kW
电 压 Voltage 380-440V(220-690V)
频 率 Frequency 50-60Hz
机 座 号 Frame Size JZ2-H1#- JZ2-H8#
绝缘等级 Insulation F-H
防护等级 Protection Calss IP56
产品介绍 Product Profile 用途:适用于船舶上作短时和断续运行的电力拖动之用,如锚机、绞盘机及绞车等甲板机械。
Application:the motors are suitable for short-time and intermittent dragging,such as winches,capstans and deck machinery。