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Development trend of explosion-proof motor
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  Explosion-proof motor for mine

  (1) the development of high power motor: the maximum installed capacity of the coal shearer in the world has exceeded 1200kW, its driving motor power is 600kW; the maximum installed capacity of the scraper conveyor in the suitable mining area has already exceeded 1500kW, and its driving motor power has reached 725kW. At present, the maximum power of the shearer drive motor in China is 400kW, and the maximum power of the drive motor of scraper conveyor is 315kW.

  (2) the development of 3.3kV, 6kV and 10kV voltage of the mining motor: This is because the popularization of comprehensive mechanized coal mining unit after the lengthening of the mining area, resulting in the increase of voltage drop, and the use of high power motor also demands to increase the voltage level.

  (3) the development of mine double speed motor: in order to meet the needs of low speed starting and high speed operation of coal mine conveyor, the foreign mining scraper conveyor is driven by double speed motor. Compared with foreign advanced level, the power range, performance index and matching control switch of domestic mine dual speed motor are quite different.

  (4) improve the reliability of the mining motor: the working conditions of the mine explosion-proof motor are poor, the motor frequently starts, the load changes, the voltage fluctuates, the environment temperature is high and the corrosion is high, which all affect the reliability and life of the motor.

  (5) speed up the renewal and replacement of mine explosion-proof motor.

  (6) standard for unifying mine explosion-proof motor.

  Explosion-proof motor used in petrochemical system

  (1) the demand for increased safety and non sparking motors will be on the rise. The users of petrochemical system have realized the necessity of developing safety increasing and non sparking motors in our country.

  (2) the reliability of explosion-proof motors has been increasingly concerned by petrochemical users. The development of petrochemical enterprises is becoming more and more large-scale and running continuously, which requires the system to run for long period, no maintenance or less maintenance. Therefore, the explosion-proof motor has become the key equipment to ensure the above requirements.

  (3) explosion-proof and high efficiency variable frequency motor has become an energy-saving product urgently required by petrochemical users. The energy saving of the explosion-proof motor has two aspects: first, the development of high efficiency explosion-proof motor products, the two is a large number of special products for the development of various explosion-proof motor speed motor, especially the motor which has the huge energy saving potential of the fan, pump and compressor.

  (4) the new requirements brought by the development of coastal petrochemical enterprises. In the coastal area of China, a batch of oil refineries will be built, and the crude oil needs to be imported, and the imported crude oil has high sulfur content and serious corrosion. Therefore, the anti explosion motor is required to improve the anticorrosion performance; in addition, the imported crude oil is shipped by sea, and the oil storage tank needs to match the explosion-proof motor of the high lift high flow oil pump.

  (5) the development of oil industry in Western China calls for the development of explosion-proof motor products suitable for desert dry and hot environment. The market demand of medium and large capacity increased safety brushless excitation synchronous machines for hydrogenation units will increase year by year.

  Intrinsic safety circuit of "I" (essentially safe electrical equipment and related equipment): under the prescribed test conditions, both the electric spark and the thermal effect produced under normal working or specified failure state can not ignite the prescribed explosive gas or steam circuit. Intrinsically safe electrical equipment: all circuits are intrinsically safe electrical equipment.

  Intrinsically safe parts of intrinsically safe equipment and associated equipment are divided into IA and ib:.

  Ia: normal operation + a fault + any combination of two faults can not cause ignited electrical equipment. ¨

  Ib: normal working + an essential safety electrical device that can not ignite under a fault condition.

  This shows that the IA level is higher than the IB level

  1. there are intrinsically safe circuits and intrinsically safe circuits, and the structure is an electrical device that can not have an adverse effect on intrinsically safe circuits by intrinsically safe circuits.

  The 2. flameproof "d" has electrical equipment for flameproof enclosure. It can withstand the internal explosion of the combustible mixture that has entered the outer shell without damage, and the outer shell of an electrical equipment that is formed by one or more gases or steam will not be ignited by any joint surface or hole on the outer shell. 3. increasing safety type E

  4. oil filled o

  5. sand filling Q

  6. cast-in-place M

  7. composite type

  Under specified conditions, no electrical equipment will be ignited in the explosive environment. It is divided into two categories:

  Class I: electrical equipment in coal mine

  Class II: all other explosive gas environments except mine and underground can be divided into class II A, II B and II C, and the equipment indicating II B can be applied to the conditions of the use of II A equipment, and II C can be applied to the conditions of the use of II A and II B.

  Standard function

  Output: 0.55 to 315kW

  Self ventilation (TEFC)

  EFF2 improves efficiency

  Cast iron frame: 905 up to 355M / L

  Installation: B3T

  Protection grade: grade IP55

  Squirrel cage rotor / aluminum die-casting

  Stainless steel nameplate Information Society Initiative 316

  Temperature class T4

  Continuous responsibility - the first one

  Ambient temperature: 40 C, 1000 m.a.s.l.

  Regreasing nipple from frame 225S / m above

  Thermistor 150 degrees C - 1 per phase

  The entrance box of the terminal metric thread cable

  Hardened fixed screw

  Internal DE and NDT bearing cap to prevent flame spreading.

  Frame and junction box for processing metal to metal surface

  The ideal choice of inverter power application * position

  Epoxy primer plan: LAL 5010

  Optional Features

  Single voltage (other voltage)

  Increase the safety terminal type EEx day motor box ()

  Protection level: IP56 level, grade IP65 or grade IP66

  Other installation configurations

  Thermal protection: resistance platinum 100 space heater

  Space heater


  IEC standard: 1 area; group explosion protection

  The standard of CENELEC:

  Group explosion protection; category 2

  Note: in area classification 1, the automobile is suitable for the second district and has once represented a zone with poor operating conditions of over 2.