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Introduction to air motor insulation characteristics of clea
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Insulation blower to clean dust and sludge of motor insulation damage as follows:
1) insulation on the surface of the dust and oil steam and water for a long time, the formation of scale, gradually opened under the action of thermal stress, make insulation coating and paint layer also follow the cracks, and easy to cause the turn-to-turn, alternate with of insulation breakdown of failure.
2) due to the effect of mechanical and chemical of the dust, erosion winding insulation, is the main factor to destroy the insulation layer.
3) in a crack in the insulation dust, conductor of electromagnetic vibration insulation "abrasives" role, cause the interturn short circuit fault.
4) because of the influence of dust, can make the motor dielectric loss tangent increase, leakage current is added, shorten the insulation surface creepage distance.
5) on the winding and iron core and dust on the surface of the casing, make the motor cooling conditions worse, reducing ventilation cooling effect.
Therefore, regular cleaning the winding insulation is necessary, but must blow dry cleaning process, otherwise the effect is not high, or even harmful.