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What are the requirements for introduction to explosion-proo
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Explosion-proof motor at work is a requirement for the environment, ordinary motor work sites also has a lot of explosion-proof motor. The application of explosion-proof motor places also more and more, besides explosion-proof places can change into ordinary motor more improves security of explosion-proof motor. Now introduce you to working environment of explosion-proof explosion-proof electric motor:
1, with combustible dust explosion hazard environment/workplaces.
2, with inflammable and explosive gas/steam explosion hazard environment/workplaces.
3, inflammable and explosive gas/steam and existing environment with combustible dust workplaces, in the solid state chemical products workshop and its skills, packing, weighing and coating equipment, this kind of place is relatively rare. Follow the modern chemical industry, this kind of situation will be more widely, so this kind of site selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment has been more and more importance in describing some and petrochemical company.