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Selection of enclosures in different environments for explos
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  The enclosure is explosion-proof motor fittings, explosion-proof motor is set weight compared to the customer in the unit, the enclosure is damaged, we will want to swap a motor housing. The case is different from the other parts of the Assembly, especially the explosion-proof motor.

  The Motor Housing Information common with cast iron, cast aluminum alloy. Steel (Steel), the steel and so on. General Motors and explosion-proof electrical enclosure is a cast iron casting, casting, and a lathe to do post processing, and stator iron core. As a result of the explosion-proof motor special application environment, electrical sealing disposal compared to that inside the motor wiring part burned bad, it does not ignite the external environment of flammable gas, the ordinary motor explosion proof enclosure is not isolated, motor out there are no special sealing measures.

  To meet these needs, the explosion-proof electrical enclosure with ordinary common enclosure can, however, use downhole YBK2 Series Explosion-proof motors in the enclosure's request for a higher number of ordinary downhole with explosion-proof motors required the canopy of steel and the seat, hood, junction boxes, Insulated construction for enhanced measures to meet the underground working environment.

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